The Goal

  They want to create a digital component to extend and enhance their product features for subscribing users.

How it currently works?
When a user presses the emergency button, an operator begins communicating (over the console) with the user. If the user doesn’t respond, the operator calls the EMS service and the user’s family or care circle.


 The Challenge

Emergencies are stressful — Right communication could ease the stress. The current system could optimize the experience to better address the needs of all parties involved in the process.
Our team was challenged to create a digital solution to help Bay Alarm Medical’s current subscribers send alerts and other useful information to family members and any needed emergency services.



The Solution

The current scenario could be improved by a mobile application to centralize the communication and information among everyone in the care circle. This will help improve coordination and efficiency for all concerned parties who are addressing the emergency. Here are a few main features of my application & wearable:


Medical Information

App provides to keep all the medical information at one place which can be easily accessible when it matters the most.




Notification feature can remind the user to take their medication and also helps notify the family and care circle during an emergency and keep them update.



Group Chat

The Group Chat feature helps the family and care circle with real-time notifications all at one place which can ease panic during the emergency situation.







Design Process

Empathizing with the Users

We started out our research process by drafting a set of survey questions which helped us determine a broad aspect of users needs and the people we could interview and helped us create the personas. Also, market research helped us study the competitors and the service and products they are providing.
All of this research helped us determine key features of our product and its flow.


Key Findings



Feature Prioritization

Understanding the MVP was most important to go further down in the design phase. Notifications and Health record are the app’s MVP as it is a problem-solving feature.




Re-Defining the system flow

The system flow was redesigned in perspective of the personas and the key findings.


With the help of the insights from User Interviews, key findings and feature prioritizations, initial sketches were designed to flush out the ideas.





We finalized these designs based on the feedback we received from usability testing on our design iterations.



Final Design



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