Endless Expedition



Endless Expedition is a Mumbai based travel group owned by five friends in the busy city of Mumbai which organizes outdoor trips in a unique and offbeat way for those who love nature. I had the pleasure of working with them to redesign their website


The Challenge:

The Client wanted to redesign their website targeting all age groups interested in different adventurous activities and travel expeditions with a goal to expand their business and increase more signups. The current website lacked the design flow, the landing page doesn’t provide any information about the website. Also, the person landing on this page won’t know the activities they provide.


The Solution:

The website needs to provide more information on the landing page itself, about the activities they provide and the upcoming trips and adventures.

Simplified the site’s information architecture to allow members to quickly find relevant information and to signup for different activities.

Designed content layouts to better engage and inform users of different activities and the background information about the group. 



Heuristic evaluation of website and mobile site


Current Method of Communication:Design:

For designing the landing page, rather than providing any information about the travel guides, company history, frequently asked questions and more on the home page, we decided to present visitors with a single, simple option: Let’s Start to Plan Your Next Adventure.


And from there on to the main page which gives much more information on what they do, what activities they provide and what are the upcoming events.



Endless Expedition Is Currently In Development.
Check Back Here For More Updates Soon.