Mbolder is a mobile application where strangers with similar problems can come together, talk and support each other on their life paths. Anyone can download the application, take MB test and start by joining small groups suggested by the test results. Users can also maintain journals, by using the paid feature of the application.

The Challenge

The Client approached us with a set of requirements to be included in the application. Our goal was to design and develop iOS  & Android based app for MBolder.The main challenge was keeping the users engaged in the program, encouraging them to keep up their work and maintaining the motivation to take care of themselves everyday.

It was also critical that the app looks and feels just right in the hands of users, so user testing played an important role in validating potential interactions and approaches. The app’s design had to accommodate differences in mapping best-practices across both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms.

The Solution

These are the three basic solutions we came up with:

  • Keeping the users engaged in the app by sharing daily inspirational quotes via application.
  • Helping users stay on a healthy track by maintaining and daily/weekly updating the journal.
  • By Encouraging users to share their experiences and mental health issues with strangers who are facing the same problems and getting inspiration from the same.

We had to come up with a clear and intuitive design so that common actions could be accomplished with a few taps and data is shared across both the platforms, which creates a seamless experience.

Final Designs for iOS

Final Designs for Android